Gigi Lightspeed

First Impressions

Gigi Lightspeed is a beautiful, small breasted teen babe with a gorgeous smile and a free wheeling sexuality that she wields at will within her website. She’s more than happy to flash her pussy for the camera, use a dildo to pleasure herself, or hookup with her girlfriends when she’s feeling horny. Judging by the preview content shown on the tour pages she’s got quite a few lesbian friends, as well.

Hot Promises There are preview pictures from the latest update at the top and bottom of GigiLightspeed and each reveals a small part of what she likes to do within her member’s area. She’s a big fan of lesbian sex and she loves to pose in sexy teasing galleries. The tease always ends well though; she’s not afraid of showing you her pussy or tits. She promises to you tons of exclusive picture galleries, hot video clips, and personal access to her. Round-Up Although the tour page was well designed they’ve basically neutered it for the member’s area. All that’s left is the light blue background. The only graphical touches are the small, and not very well done, headers that denote each content section. The first content section you should take not of is the latest updates list. That’s where you’ll want to check every Friday after Gigi has added a new picture or video set.

Next to that you’ll see the most popular list, which culls together the most visited content sets on the site. This feature is best used by new members who are hoping to get right down to the good stuff. I’ve seen them all and it’s fair to say that they accurately characterize the best of the best on the site. Next to that section you’ll see a link to the best of Lightspeed, which features picture galleries from the most popular girls in the network. It’s nothing more than an attempt to get you to sign up for the upgrade package, but that attempt comes with free porn, so who’s complaining?

Gigi’s picture content has been divided into two categories. The first of those is the solo sets, of which there are currently 68. It’s here that Gigi gets to show off her body and her beauty without the distraction of other girls in the picture. It’s here that you should first visit so you can properly fall in love with this beautiful girl. Like most teen babes Gigi poses in every day type outfits most of the time. You’ll see her in plenty of tank tops and t-shirts, along with jeans, denim shorts, and skirts. She also mixes it up though, like in my favorite gallery where she wears a silver silk teddy. There’s also a gallery in which she’s wearing sheer white lingerie. The bikini gallery is one of the best as well.

The second picture category is titled ‘Girlfriends’ and features pictures of Gigi hooking up with other babes in the Lightspeed network. There are twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and even fivesomes. The girls are universally good looking and they’re all horny for each other. The amount of kissing, stripping, and dildo play that goes on is astonishing. Gigi is typically at the center of it all. There’s a particularly memorable gallery in which two girls both suck her tits at the same time. Another features four girls all making out with each other.

Unfortunately, unlike most of the other Lightspeed girls Gigi doesn’t have a fleshed out video section. In fact, there’s only one video clip, called Trying Clothes. In it Gigi and a friend try on a bunch of different and sexy clothes while the camera rolls. I can’t tell if there was an intention to make a video section and it never got off the ground or if Gigi simply appeared in someone else’s clip and they stuck it on her site to appease the hordes. Either way it’s a disappointment and it feels as though there isn’t enough content because of that.

As a salve for that hurt GigiLightspeed offers you a ton of bonus content. Comprised of more than 150 plug-in feeds the content covers niches such as voyeur, teen, panties, cheerleaders, and lesbian. The difficulty is that most plug-in feeds aren’t very good, and these are no exception. Most of the videos are low quality, fast forwarding is difficult and slow, and you have no option of downloading. Also, you joined to see Gigi on video, so not having that still sucks. If you’re going to browse the bonus content, and you should, I would suggest you check out the cheerleaders category. It’s great.

Croco’s Opinion

Gigi Lightspeed is a gorgeous brunette teen who has put together a lovely site. She provides more than 100 picture galleries for her members, but that’s where the content ends, not counting the difficult to manage bonus content. Because of that it’s hard to recommend this site at the basic rate. However, if you’re willing to throw a little more cash around you can access the entire Lightspeed network for an extra $10. This gives you 31 sites chock full of beautiful young girls, which is worth far more.


The design is boring but the navigation is relatively pain free. After you’ve spent a little time with the site you won’t have any trouble finding the content you’re looking for. Browsing the bonus content is a little more difficult since they pepper in advertisements a little too often.

Pricing Policy

$29.95 for 30 days of access. If you pay $34.95 you get 30 days access to 5 premium sites, which you can choose at your discretion. For only $39.95 you can access all 31 sites in the Lightspeed Network. Payments accepted are credit card, check, and by phone.

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